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  • otorhinolaryngologist rome
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Our practice specialises in the treatment of diseases of the ear (hearing, balance, tinnitus, deformities, ear infections, dermatitis, etc), of the nose (turbinates, sinuses, deformities and aesthetic disorders of the septum and nasal pyramid, smell and taste, etc.) of the pharynx/throat (adenoids and tonsils, snoring and sleep apnea, gastroesophageal reflux disease as well as of the oral cavity - oral cancer prevention (pharyngeal - laryngeal, etc.)).

Paediatric otorhinolaryngology

We specialise in paediatric otorhinolaryngology and treat diseases in the stages of infancy, childhood and adolescence.Paediatric diseases require competent diagnostic capabilities and treatment.We offer all child audiology screening services with the use of dedicated specialist equipment.

ENT surgery

Dr Henrik Thielen performs all types of ENT surgery for treating diseases and disorders involving nose, ears, mouth, pharynx and larynx, for adults and children. Care is given both on an outpatient basis at the practice and with Day Hospital treatment or in-patient hospitalisation at the adjacent Mater Dei and Parioli clinics.

- functional endoscopic surgery of the nose and paranasal sinuses (FESS);

- functional septoplasty - functional and aesthetic septum rhinoplasty;

- treatment of trauma and fractures of the septum and nasal pyramid;

- reduction of the turbinates (= Turbinectomy) - Radio Frequency and Laser procedures.

- surgery for the reduction or removal of the adenoids and tonsils (= Adenoidectomy, Tonsillectomy or Tonsillotomy);

- Microlaryngoscopy procedures - surgical removal of lymph nodes, salivary glands, scars.

- otoplasty;

- surgery for breathing problems in sleep 'OSAS' (= Uvulo and palate pharyngoplasty; tonsillotomy/tonsilectomy, base of the tongue).

- external and middle ear surgery (= Otosurgery, Stapedoplastics, Tympanoplasty, Mastoidectomy).Myringotomy / Paracentesis

(also by means of Radiofrequency) with / without insertion of tympanic drainage.

Natural medicine

allergist Rome

Our centre specialises in acupuncture, neural therapy and naturopathy:

- acupuncture - according to Traditional Chinese Medicine - total body and localised ear treatment for tinnitus, pain, neuralgia, chronic infections, smoking addiction treatment etc.

- neural therapy according to Huneke with procaine local anaesthetic to treat pain, neuralgia, recurrent infections (eg tonsillitis), arthritis etc.

- autosanguis therapy according to Reckeweg for recurrent viral infections, migraines, chronic eczema, bronchial asthma, lymphatism etc.


Our centre also offers specialised medical services for care of the skin and the treatment of allergies.We perform specific tests for the detection of allergies such Prick Tests, Fast Check POC (inalation, Mediterranean food, Atopy), Sniffin Tests.Rapid test for the detection of food intolerances (on 57 different foods), Gluten Test.Dermoscopy, mapping of moles.

Laser treatments

laser treatment

We perform laser-based treatments (Erbium - CO2) for both aesthetic purposes such as wrinkle reduction (= skin resurfacing) and for functional treatments for removing skin spots and minor formations.

Cosmetic surgery

We assure accurate and respectful assessment of facial anatomical imperfections by means of documented photographic surveys.We consult with a team of specialists to define the optimal treatment for the specific problem (surgery, laser, radiofrequency, botox, fillers, etc.).At our surgery, we perform Filler injections (hyaluronic acid) for both aesthetic and functional treatments (facial wrinkles and scars, vocal cords) and Botox treatments for cosmetic improvement (glabella, forehead, etc.) and functional correction (bruxism, tension-induced headache, hyperhidrosis);

Radiofrequency treatments


Radiofrequency is a new technique which in recent years has come to be used in medicine for its ability to destroy diseased tissue with precise application of localised heat, without damaging adjacent healthy tissue.
In our practice, Radiofrequency is widely used in the treatment of turbinate hypertrophy (chronic hypertrophic rhinitis), in ronco-surgery to reduce the volume of the tonsils and palate to improving snoring as well as for treating the eardrum mucosa when performing tympanic paracentesis (myringotomy) with or without insertion of drainage tubes.

Radiofrequency is also used in cosmetic surgery procedures

Speech therapy - phoniatrics

We work with specialised centres in cognitive rehabilitation and speech therapy for children and adults.

Fibrescope exploratory procedures

We perform specialised tests including:

endoscopic examination of the Ear, Nose and Pharynx (video and photo documented)

- endoscopic examination with flexible fibre-optic probe for the nose, pharynx, larynx (and vocal chords), trachea, esophagus and stomach, (painlessly and without anaesthesia),

Ultrasound Examinations


At our practice we perform ultrasound/sonography of the neck (face and neck) and other organs to check lymph nodes, salivary glands, thyroid condition or presence of any inflamation.


To assess auditory functionality we perform the following tests:

- Tympanometry with impedancemetry and stapedial reflexes;

- Tonal and speech audiometry also in German, English and French;

- Otoacoustic emissions (OAE);

- Auditory evoked potential (ABR or BERA).

Vestibular Testing

Vestibular Testing

Vertigo can be caused by various diseases such as Meniere's syndrome, vestibular neuronitis, otoliths in the semicircular canals (canalolitiasis- benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or BPPV) and others.We perform videonystagmography, caloric tests, vestibular tests, rotator cuff testing, releases and other maneuvers.



This test is useful for diagnosing sleep-disorders such as breathing difficulties, sleep apnea and snoring (snoring).Our portable equipment is very easy to use and allows you to perform the test conveniently at home.

Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention

We perform diagnostic and functional painless fibrescope examination of the ear, nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, esophagus and stomach; the procedures are video and photo documented with binocular microscope examination of the skin and mapping of detected moles.We also run blood tests with tumor markers and ultrasonographic procedures (= ultrasound) on lymph nodes, cysts etc.). We organise prompt Rx, CT, MRI and PET scans without waiting delays in nearby affiliated facilities.

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